For Librarians

Librarians play a key role in licensing organizations and library users, and some significant information for them is provided here:

ITS Information
ITS is a global, open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly publisher, it covers a broad range of journals, such as Urban Design, Waters, Experimental Medicine, Advancements in Materials and etc. ITS is dedicated to providing more high quality scientific research articles for readers in different areas.

User License
ITS publishes all articles under the Creative Commons License (CCBY4.0). Authors retain the copyright of articles published on ITS, but these articles are allowed to be shared, copied, distributed, transmitted, and adapted freely by the ITS users without providing additional permission.

Responsibility of Librarians
Librarians are at the forefront of information management and communication. They need to do two necessary things, including gathering information regarding the needs of libraries and providing it to those producing new products at ITS to achieve the goal mentioned above.

Data Cataloguing
Every journal page includes such information as their separate ISSNs, URLs, impact factor/global impact, and date of first publication. Registered readers can also receive the latest information by subscribing to a certain publication.