Applied Chemistry (AC)

Applied Chemistry is an open access, peer-review, and scholarly journal published quarterly on ITS. The journal covers original research papers as well as review papers related to all aspects of applied chemistry.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari
ISSN: 2617-992X (Online)    Frequency: Quarterly    Journal Contact:
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Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Alireza Heidari
Faculty of Chemistry, California South University (CSU), Irvine, California, USA
Areas of Interest: Biophysical Chemistry, Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Quantum Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Modern Electronic Structure Computations, Theoretical Chemistry, Mathematical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy, etc.

Editorial Board
Editorial Board

Prof. Amer A. Taqa
Professor of Dental chemistry, Department of Dental Basic Science, College of Dentistry, Mosul University, Iraq
Area of Interest: Dentistry, Dental Chemistry, Medical Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry, Medicine and Medical Sciences

Editorial Board Prof. Lis Arias Manuel Jose
Department of Chemical Engineering, Terrassa Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation (INTEXTER-UPC), Terrassa, Spain
Area of Interest: Colloidal Systems, Detergency, Drug-delivery, Microcapsules, Surfactants, Textile Chemistry
Editorial Board

Dr. Juan-Sebastián Gómez-Jeria
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
Area of Interest: Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships, Electronic Structure of Nanostructures and Philosophy of Science, Lecturer in Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Pharmacology, History and Philosophy of Science

Editorial Board

Dr. Radwa Abass Mostafa El-Salamony
Process Design and Development Department, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI), Cairo, Egypt
Areas of Interest: Photochemical Reactions, Quantum Chemistry, Surface Tensions, Catalysis, Thermodynamic, Corrosion, Electrochemistry and Cement Chemistry

Editorial Board

Dr. M.R. Jayapal
Research Scientist, National University of Cordoba, Argentina

Area of Interest: Synthesis and Bioassay of Novel Heterocycles, A Study on Biologically Potent Heterocycles, Synthesis of Nano Particles and Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Behaviour of Chalcones, etc.

Editorial Board

Dr. Doan Pham Minh
RAPSODEE Research Centre, CNRS UMR 5302, IMT Mines Albi/ARMINES Common Research Centre, France
Area of Interest: Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Thermodynamic, Catalysis and Physico-Chemistry, Functional Materials, Energies Nouvelles

Editorial Board

Dr. Parthiban  Paramasivam
Department of Chemistry, CRD, PRIST University, Vallam, Thanjavur, India
Area of Interest: Organic Chemistry, Synthesis of Heterocycles, Medicinal Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Stereochemistry, Conducting Polymers and Electrochemistry

Editorial Board Dr. Mohammed Hadi Al-Douh
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Hadhramout University, Hadhramout, Yemen
Areas of Interest: Synthesis New Organic Compounds, Natural Products, 1D and 2D NMR Spectroscopy, X–ray Crystallography, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry