Experimental Medicine (EM)

Experimental Medicine is a quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal published by ITS that publishes original scientific research papers on the significant issues related to medicine research.

ISSN: 2663-4813 (Online)    Frequency: Quarterly
Journal Contact: em@itspoa.com
Website: http://www.itspoa.com/journal/em
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Aims and Scopes

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions. The area includes but is not limited to the following fields:

Basic Medical Research
Medical Parasites
Medical Microbiology
Medical Virology
Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Neurological Medicine
Evidence-Based Medicine
Geriatrics Medicine
Principles of Pulmonary Medicine
Alternative Medicine
Diving Medicine
Large Animal Internal Medicine
Medical Ethics
Medicine History
Energy Medicine
Immunology and Allergy Medicine
Social Science & Medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Veterinary Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Research
Clinical Diagnostics
Laboratory Diagnostics
Imaging Diagnostics
Radiology Diagnostics
Ultrasound Diagnostics
Nuclear Medicine Diagnostics
Clinical Therapeutics
Functional Therapeutics
Blood Therapy
Tissue Organ Therapy
Cancer Medicine
Arthritis Care and Research
Patient Safety in Rehabilitation Medicine
Infectious Disease
Emergency Medicine
Transfusion Medicine