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Energy Research (ER)

Energy Research is an open access, international, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published on ITS bimonthly. Articles with novel contributions to statistics with applications related to energy are strongly encouraged.

Frequency: Bimonthly
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Editorial Board

Editorial Board Mingquan Li
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, United States
Areas of Interest:
 Energy and Environmental Policy, Energy Modelling, Energy Demand and Supply
Editorial Board Dr. Doan Pham Minh
RAPSODEE Research Centre, CNRS UMR 5302, IMT Mines Albi/ARMINES Common Research Centre, France
Area of Interest: Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Thermodynamic, Catalysis and Physico-Chemistry, Functional Materials, Energies Nouvelles
Editorial Board Assoc. Prof. Jaroslaw Krzywanski
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Division of Advanced Computational Methods, Jan Dlugosz University, Czestochowa, Poland
Areas of Interest: Modelling; Artificail Intlligence, Fuzzy Logic, Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics; Fluidization Technology, Fluidized Bed and Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
Dr. Dharmasa
Caledonian College of Engineering, A University Institute, Affiliated to Glasgow Caledonian University, Oman, UK
Dr. Xiaolan Chen
Department of Economics, School of Economics, Sichuan University, China

Areas of Interest: The impact of environmental regulation on industry enterprises' performance; Environmental efficiency and productivity measurement; Environmental enforcement issue in China; Risk perception analysis in the shale gas sector in China