Agricultural Studies (AS)

Agricultural Studies is an international, open access, academic journal, which is published on ITS bimonthly. The journal covers a broad range of issues related to agriculture.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. El Sayed El Habbasha
ISSN: 2617-3530 (Online)    Frequency: Bimonthly
Journal Contact:
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How do I submit my article to ITS journals?
All articles should be submitted via ITS Manuscripts Submission System. A new user should register to create an account and login with the username and password. Before submission, please read the guidelines for authors to get details on how to prepare article.

Does ITS provide templates for preparing an article?
Yes, ITS provides Manuscript Template to help you prepare your articles in a proper format. You are suggested to format your articles according to the standard in template.

What type of file format does ITS accept?
Articles in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx) and PDF are the proper format for submitting to ITS.

How are the Manuscripts peer-reviewed?
Manuscripts submitted to ITS will be reviewed by at least two experts. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the manuscript and to provide a recommendation to the external editor on whether a manuscript can be accepted, requires revisions or should be rejected. Comments for each article delivered to reviewers should be completed and returned to the editorial department within 14 days, perfectly within 7 days.

How long it will take for the editorial process?
Generally speaking, it takes about 2 weeks for the editorial process, any questions about the status of your paper, please contact the Editorial Assistant.

Should I pay any publication fee for papers published in ITS journals?
Yes, anyone who publish papers in ITS journals need to pay for Article Processing Charges. ITS is published under an open access model. All the researchers or scientists have free and unlimited access to the contents on ITS. ITS doesn’t get any income no matter from subscriptions in electronic journals, or from viewing fees. Therefore, publishing an article in ITS journal requires Article Processing Charges to cover a serious of cost such as the setup and maintenance of the publication infrastructure and editing.

Are there differences for publication fee in different types of articles?
No, the publication fee is the same for all the types of articles.

Are there some discounts on the APC?
Journals on ITS provide some discounts for authors from the relatively low income countries or reviewers who provide timely and substantial comments or authors. Besides, the journal publishes some selected articles submitted or invited by the Editorial Office at some discount or even for free.

What methods of payments does ITS accept?
ITS accepts PayPal, Wire Transfer, Western Union, and Alipy. Detailed payment instructions can be found on the submission system. You can also ask the editorial assistant for any problems about the publication fee. 

Can I make some changes after my article is published on ITS?
Once published on ITS, articles are allowed to be shared, cited or reproduced by anyone. When changes are made at the moment, confusion will be caused. So ITS provides no chance to make correction on the articles published.

What is Open Access?
Open Access is a publishing model that everyone has free and unlimited access to the articles on ITS. Specifically speaking, articles on ITS, including data, graphics, and supplements, are allowed to be shared, copied, distributed, transmitted, and adapted freely by the ITS users without providing additional permission.

Who retains the copyright?
Authors retain the copyright of the article published on ITS under the terms outlined by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License while allow others to copy, distribute, and use the work. The user of the information should acknowledge the author of the original work.